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幼儿园 - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA



Fay’s 较低的学校 is composed of grades three through six. 较低的学校 students p艺术icipate in a structured and challenging curriculum within a program that is flexible enough to accommodate differences in skill sets, 学习风格, 个人利益. 较低的学校 students begin to develop study habits that will serve them throughout their lives. They improve their reading, writing, and reasoning skills while mastering age-appropriate content. 较低的学校ers discover that learning can be fun—and they come to understand that there is a tremendous satisfaction in putting forth one’s best effort, taking on increasingly difficult challenges, becoming an independent learner, and finding the keys to personal and intellectual growth.
较低的学校 students are engaged in an investigative style of learning, and they learn to meet high standards and demonstrate proficiency in their studies. They are encouraged to stretch themselves and take intellectual risks, knowing they will be supported by teachers and friends in a learning environment that values academic achievement, 社会责任, and consistent effort to be one’s “best self.”

Meet 凯特林克罗宁, Head of the 较低的学校


凯特林克罗宁 joined Fay as Head of 较低的学校 in July 2021. 最近, Kaitlyn served as 较低的学校 Division Head at Sage School in Foxborough, 麻萨诸塞州, where she also served as a classroom teacher. Kaitlyn has developed curricula for language 艺术s, 科学, 还有社会研究, in addition to programs for social-emotional learning and community service. Kaitlyn is passionate about maintaining a challenging academic program within a culture centered on kindness, 包容, and educational equity for all students. Kaitlyn has a bachelor's degree from the University of Notre Dame and master's degrees from Boston University and Lesley University. She and her family live in Franklin, 麻萨诸塞州.

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