The Foundation for a Meaningful Life
幼儿园 - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA


Fay Athletic Campus - 185 Mill Street South, Marlborough, MA
Varsity Field 曲棍球 - Varsity Level Soccer - Varsity Lacrosse - Varsity Baseball - JV & 大学垒球
Use this address to access Jay Field, Crotty Field, and Athletic Fields 1-3.

DCR Field - 41 Middle Road, Southborough, MA
足球- JV棒球
Limited parking is available at DCR Field on the side of Middle Road.
Alternate parking is available at Fay’s East Entrance (23 Middle Road).

尼克泰勒壁球学院 马萨诸塞州内蒂克科技圈19号
Fay’s squash team uses the 设施 at 尼克泰勒壁球学校 in Natick, MA, for their home competitions. 尼克泰勒壁球学校 is located approximately 13 miles from Fay’s main campus.

Harlow Gym and Mars Room - 23 Middle Road, Southborough, MA
Volleyball - Basketball - Wrestling
Parking is available at Fay’s East Entrance and Harlow Gym (volleyball and basketball) and Mars Room (wrestling) are located inside Harris Events Center. The main entrance to the building is located on the second floor. To access Harlow Gym go down one level upon entering. To access Mars Room go up one level upon entering. 有电梯.

Harlow 网球 Courts - 31 Main Street, Southborough, MA
Harlow 网球 Courts are located directly behind the parking lot at Fay’s Office of Advancement and will be clearly visible upon parking.

MacAusland Field - 54 Main Street, Southborough, MA
Cross Country - JV Field 曲棍球 - 5/6曲棍球 5/6的棒球
Park at Fay’s Main Entrance and walk down the path towards Fay’s swimming pools and ropes course.  

New England Sports Center - 121 Donald J Lynch Boulevard, Marlborough, MA
Fay’s hockey teams use the 设施 at New England Sports Center for their home competitions. New England Sports Center is located approximately 7 miles from Fay’s main campus.

Northstar Youth Forum -15 Bridle Lane, Westborough, MA
Fay’s hockey teams use the 设施 at Northstar Youth Forum for their home competitions. Northstar Youth Forum is located approximately 5 miles from Fay’s main campus.

Parkerville Road Fields - 8 Parkerville Road, Southborough, MA
JV Soccer - 5/6 Soccer - JV Lacrosse - 5/6 Lacrosse
Use this address to access Sharp Field, Robinson & O 'Rourke Field和Ting Field.

P. Brent Trottier Middle School Track - 49 Parkerville Road, Southborough, MA
Fay’s track and field team uses the outdoor track at Southborough’s Trottier Middle School for their home meets. The track is located approximately 1 mile from Fay’s main campus.