The Foundation for a Meaningful Life
幼儿园 - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA


Our boarders are p艺术 of a strong network of connection.

Along with Fay’s Head of School, Fay’s campus is home to more than 30 members of Fay’s faculty and 工作人员 and their families. As dorm parents, these faculty and 工作人员 build strong connections with Fay’s boarding students. Meet a few of our dorm parents below!


宿舍: Kidder House
家乡: Middletown, NY (Courtney) and Salem, MA (将)
在Fay的角色: Director of Secondary School Counseling (Courtney) and 较低的学校 P.E. (将)
孩子们: Avery (Grade 7 at Fay), and Brody (Grade 4 at Fay)
爱好: skiing, golf, cooking, hiking, playing with our dogs, watching the Patriots
Favorite after school activities at Fay: basketball (将), watching Fay athletic events (Courtney)
Favorite meal in the Dining Room:周末早午餐


家庭: Andrew lives on campus with his wife Caitlin, an educator at a nearby independent school, 他们的儿子, who attends Fay's 早教中心, 他们的女儿, 还有两只狗.
Fay的角色: Director of Residential Life, 上学校 History Teacher, and Head Wrestling Coach
爱好: Coaching football, wrestling, and lacrosse and hiking throughout New England
Favorite thing about living on campus: Raising my family surrounded by a diverse and welcoming community
最喜欢的Fay活动: The annual Fay Wrestling Tournament and Founders Day


家庭: Trey lives on campus with his wife Shannon, 费伊的学校辅导员, 他们的两个女儿, 谁参加了Fay, and 他们的儿子 who is a Fay graduate and currently attends college. 
家乡Brentwood, NY
Favorite weekend activity at Fay: 音乐 jam sessions in Reinke
最喜欢的Fay活动: The Spring Instrumental Concert
Favorite meal in the Dining Room: General Tso’s Chicken with rice and broccoli
Favorite thing about living on campus: I love living on campus surrounded by beautiful architecture, nature, and wonderful people. 

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