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幼儿园 - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA



jdb电子夺宝 gratefully accepts contributions by MasterCard, 签证, 发现, 和美国运通, as well as personal checks and gifts of securities. 了解更多信息, please contact the Office of Advancement at 508-490-8206 or


  • 给在线

    To make a secure online donation via Venmo, PayPal, credit card or debit card, please click here  >>

  • 邮寄礼品

    Please direct all gifts and pledge payments to:
    南堡MA 01772-9106

  • 电话/邮件

    With questions of any kind to be directed to any member of the Advancement 工作人员, 或者通过电话制作礼物, please contact the Office of Advancement at advancement@fayschool.Org或508.490.8206.
  • 银行电汇

    To securely wire funds for a donation to jdb电子夺宝, please contact the Office of Advancement at 508-490-8410 or
  • 学费账单

    If you are a parent of a current Fay student and you would like to donate via your child’s Sm艺术 学费 bill, 请联系Rob Crawford, Director of Advancement (rcrawford@fayschool.(Org)查阅资料.
  • 证券礼品

    Consider donating appreciated securities to Fay.
    • 捐款人收到即时付款 income tax deduction for the full market value jdb电子夺宝安全.
    • 捐赠人付款 无资本利得 tax when Fay sells the donated security.
    • 这些礼物可以是 比给现金更有益. When donating appreciated securities, the “cost” of the gift is often less than the deduction resulting from the gift. 
    To deliver stock to Fay’s brokerage account, please instruct your broker to wire the stock shares using the following instructions:

    To donate securities to jdb电子夺宝, please follow the two-step process below:

    1. Instruct your broker to wire the stock shares to Fay’s brokerage account at B. Riley Wealth Management using the information below. (Remind your broker to include your name so Fay knows whom the donation is from.)

    DTC #: 0141
    Include stock name, 股份数量, CUSIP #, gift date, and your name
    联系人:Victoria P. Piccirillo (212) 419-3955

    2. 联系 Liz Kelly in the Office of Advancement (, 508-490-8206) with the details of your transaction, 包括:你的名字, 股票名称及代号, 股份数量, and the allocation of your donation (the 费基金).
  • IRA Qualified Charitable Contribution

    Are you 70 1/2 or older and interested in knowing about a strategic way to support jdb电子夺宝 through a tax-free rollover of IRA assets?

    Read about IRA Qualified Charitable Contribution >>
  • 匹配的礼物

    Many companies sponsor matching gift programs that increase the charitable contribution made by an employee. Please ask your employer for a matching gift form. 联系 the Office of Advancement at advancement@fayschool.有任何问题请提问.