The Foundation for a Meaningful Life
幼儿园 - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA


From Rob Gustavson, Head of School

I’m pleased to introduce you to jdb电子夺宝. Our program for 幼儿园 through grade nine offers a rich array of academics, 艺术, and 体育运动 in a setting that inspires excellence and a love for learning.
成立于1866年, Fay was the first junior boarding school in the United States. One of the first notices published by the school stated: “It is the earnest endeavor of the teachers to lay a foundation for education in its broadest sense.” This brief statement of purpose formed the basis of an educational philosophy that has remained consistent throughout the School’s history: to provide the foundation for a meaningful life.
This simple yet powerful concept has guided the School over time and remains at the he艺术 of Fay’s identity. We believe strongly in our foundational role, and our dedicated faculty are experts in equipping our students with the essential tools that will facilitate their success in secondary school and beyond: strong academic skills, 探究的精神, 跨文化能力, 创造力, 风度, 同理心, 和毅力.
当你参观JDB电子官网, you’ll see that our students embrace traditions that connect our community across generations—such as our dress code, family-style meals in our Dining Room, and our emphasis on manners and 尊重. You’ll meet members of our global community, which is composed of students from across the United States and over 20 countries. You’ll experience the excitement of being in the classroom with teachers whose innovative lessons challenge and inspire.
最重要的是, you’ll witness the exuberance of our students, who thrive in a web of supportive faculty, 教练, 和顾问, and who find joy in striving to be their best selves.
I look forward to welcoming you to our campus.
Rob Gustavson, Head of School