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幼儿园 - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA



Fay is proud of its long history of providing an exceptional experience for each and every student. 我们优秀的师资队伍, 丰富多样的课程, and up-to-date 设施 and equipment are just a few hallmarks of a Fay education.
Gifts to Fay provide funding for every component of the student experience, 包括课程, 体育运动, 艺术, 技术, 还有课外活动. Your gift also helps Fay provide competitive salaries for faculty, financial aid to ensure a diverse and vibrant school community, and all aspects of support for our beautiful 66-acre campus. 

Your generosity is deeply appreciated. Please see below for giving options.


  • 当前使用礼品

    Gifts to The 费基金 are always a priority. These funds go directly to support the School’s current year operating budget and have an immediate impact on each child's experience.

    Read more about current use gift options >>

  • 资本/捐赠礼物

    Capital and endowment gifts help secure Fay’s future by supporting faculty, 设施, 财政援助. Capital/endowment gifts may be unrestricted or designated by the donor for the support of specific programs, 倡议, 或者建筑/改造项目. Gifts to the endowment are invested; their annual earnings provide a permanent source of income for Fay.
    The creation of enduring legacies is available through named or dedicated endowment funds.

    Please contact Stephen Gray, Senior Advancement Officer, for more information at

  • Planned Giving (Future Estate Gifts)

    在一般情况下, planned giving strategies allow donors to make larger gifts to jdb电子夺宝 than they could from their income.

    • Some gifts may be made in the donor’s lifetime (e.g. 赞赏证券 作为一个 代替现金). Others are made at time of death (e.g. bequests, assignments of retirement plans and life insurance policies).

    • Tax and estate planning techniques are used to provide for Fay (and other heirs) in ways that maximize the gift and/or minimize the impact on the donor’s estate.

    • Bequests constitute by far the highest number (and value) of planned gift types. 

    Read more about planned giving options >>

  • 匹配的礼物

    Did you know that thousands of companies match donations by employees to our organization? We've provided a search tool to help you see if your company will match your donation.

    Learn more about matching gifts >>
  • 志愿者

    志愿者 opportunities abound for parents, 校友, 和学校的朋友们, and we are grateful for all donations of time and talent. To volunteer for Fay, please contact the Office of Advancement at or 508-490-8410.